Al Hanna Donates $3 Million to Boy Scouts of America


Al Hanna announced Tuesday that he is donating $3 million to the BSA to help deserving kids experience Samoset Council Scouting.


Al Hanna designated that the donation be used to help underserved kids in the area. Of the gift, $2.5 million will go to the Tesomas Alumni Camping Trust, which sends youths to summer camp. The remainder will supplement the Al and Chris Hanna Eagle Scout Scholarship Program to help Eagle Scouts pay for college.

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Court Challenge to Landmarks Law Leaves Property Owners Puzzled


Developer Albert C. Hanna has been fighting what he calls segregationist landmark and zoning laws in Lincoln Park for the past 38 years.


Illinois Appellate Court Justice Fitzgerald Smith, writing for a three-judge panel, upheld two of attorney Tom Ramsdell’s 20 allegations. Smith said that the way the landmarks ordinance is written is unconstitutionally vague, and a so-called sunrise clause gives overly broad powers to a non-legislative body.

The opinion rejects the court’s earlier dismissal of the whole suit, and bounces the case back to the lower circuit court. Because Smith also takes the unusual step of providing the Appellate opinion on the subject, it essentially forces the court to follow Appellate instructions and find the ordinance unconstitutional.

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